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Impulse sales in a small space that produces high profit.
We understand your needs.

3,000 per square foot sales.
Our typical sale per square foot is well in excess of $ 3,000.
In high traffic locations, we frequently achieve $ 5,000 -$ 7,000 per square foot.
(Our average display occupies 2 – 3 square foot. Sales per store and per display usually
range from $ 6,000 - $ 9,000 gross. Your profit will be 50% on a One-Way sale,
or 35% on a Guaranteed Sale).

Impulse Sales.
We achieve huge sales by providing you great product at extraordinary prices.
This enables you to offer superior product at Impulse prices.

High Profits.
One way sales will double your money. 50% of each sale will be profit.
Guaranteed sales will provide you with 35% of each sale.

One-way Sale or Guaranteed sales Programs available.
Our guaranteed Sales is an In/Out program. It runs 30-60 days floor time
(except Christmas which runs October – January 1.)

Promotions for Every Season and Every Holiday.
Christmas, Halloween, Mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, Dinner Music, Bedtime Songs, Relaxation, Romance etc.

Displays to meet your every need.
We have CD displays, Video Displays and Combination displays to fit every situation.

Our most popular and profitable displays are:

The Boss
(holds up to 264 CDs or 128 Videos)

1. Music (192 Count CD floor display)
3. Music (120 Count CD floor display)
5. Music (60 Count CD counter display)
6. Music (30 Count CD counter display)
7. Music (15 CD counter display) 8. Video (128 Count floor display)
9. Video (75 Count floor display) 10. 124 CD & 64 Videos (floor display)

Product Selection. WTC has the best of all genres, by title, assortment and format

CDs and Cassette categories include Popular Music, Christmas,
Gospel & Christian, Children, Classical, Jazz, New Age & much more.
Video categories include Children, Christmas, Gospel and Christian, Action and General Interest


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